Wayside Madonna

Vertical 5"x7" Christmas Card. 

Text (under copyright):

She was sitting by the wayside-beautiful of face,

of grace-

A most delightful child on her knee.

She smiled when I sat beside her. “I am Miriam of

Nazareth and this is Joshua,” she said and kissed his head 

I took the child in my arms and felt a surge of joyful love,

Of peace as I had never known.

“It is as if he were my very own,” I said when I could speak. 

She nodded and our eyes met.

I caught the flash of pain, the unshed tears.

“You see”, she spoke more softly; “I have not understood it

all as yet”.  

We sat in silence then- how long I can’t recall-

The longer shadows warned me to depart.

I kissed the lovely cheek, stroked the curly head

And left them where I found them

Sitting by the way.

A Child is born for us,

A son is given to us.

And now, like Miriam of Nazareth, I ponder all these

things in my heart

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