The text is on the left side of the inside of the card with the Christmas greeting on the right side.

Text (under copyright):

He entered the house in Nazareth, as silently as death.

Not a footfall gave her warning,

Only the sudden burst of light

Like the sun when it leaps up in the morning.

It was not the presence of the Stranger that alarmed her;

Though she did not know his name

She had no doubt from whence he came - he would not harm her.

No, it was his greeting in her ear

That filled her with a terrifying fear.

Silence fell between them; silence too in heaven and in all creation,

While Mary, bending low, waited for her heart’s decision.

Softly the Spirit’s Bride gave answer:

Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done to me as you have said.

And the Word was made flesh.

O Gabriel, Strong One of God,

Why do you tremble so?

Christmas Blessings!

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