Valentine's Day

VALENTINE'S SALE on Truffles and the Truffle-Coated Caramel combo!

Looking for the perfect Valentine's gift for someone you love? We think our Truffle Assortment - 15 candies, all of different flavors - in its elegantly patterned white satin box with red foil print, is a great choice. Or for you fans of our coated caramels, there's the burgundy-and-gold box of light- and dark-coated caramels. Our Swiss mints - solid chocolate mints - in their red box with silver foil print - have also been a popular Valentine's Day choice for years.

For that extra-special gift with lots of variety, we offer a combination of our truffles with the small boxes of chocolate-coated caramels. Enjoy!


Item #: F $19.95$17.95